Thursday, November 14, 2013

{guest post} How to Design a Contemporary Kitchen

What is great about contemporary design is that it values function without losing sight of aesthetics. Instead of relying on decor it depends on the essentials or structural features to give it a dash of visual interest.

Lay your fears to rest. This method does not come off looking rigid or austere. On the contrary, contemporary bathrooms and kitchens are able to communicate comfort and luxury even without the use of heavy embellishment. In our book, that’s more of a difficult feat to pull off whereas too much d├ęcor teeters dangerously towards the tacky.

Go Modern

Because of this emphasis on what’s only essential, contemporary design offers advantages. The sharp, clean lines, the abundance of light and sleek furnishings, plus a focus on organization make it quite attractive.

The kitchen – one of the busiest areas of the home will certainly benefit from this design. It is light, refreshing, and cozy. Homeowners with limited space for kitchens will prefer this method as it provides ample elbow room while creating an illusion of space.

Getting That Modern Touch

Shelves and Cabinets. Modern kitchens are spacious and to create this lively and cheerful atmosphere, more homeowners are opting for open shelves. It makes sense since cabinets can occupy almost half of the kitchen space.

Cabinets tend to be heavy and eschewing that for shelves, literally opens up the area. If removing the structure is not possible or if cabinets are still preferred, then go for cabinets with clean, straightforward lines, simple hardware, and painted in a neutral color. If possible, choose cabinets with full glass doors.

Lighting. Working in the kitchen can be so pleasant with abundant light. Again, this creates a breezy atmosphere and can be very welcoming particularly if the kitchen is the first room you to go to in the morning.

Natural light is the best source of illumination but we’re aware that this isn’t possible all the time. For this, we recommend installing pendant lights.  Again, go for fixtures with simple patterns and shapes.

Appliances. A contemporary kitchen won’t be complete without the convenience of modern appliances. If undertaking a complete kitchen renovation; then put old appliances for sale and purchase new ones. Go for appliances with sleek, reflective surfaces.

Countertops.  You can still go for granite if laminate or a stainless steel top does not sound so appealing. Only remember to choose tops with a solid color as patterns can clash with the uniformed look of a contemporary kitchen.

Tiles. Glass tiles are definitely the choice here.  They are beautiful, easy to clean, versatile, and are available in different shapes and colors. The possibilities are limitless. There are small, square tiles and there are those in the classic subway style.

Whatever you choose, glass tiles, which are considered highly functional works of art can, add visual interest while also providing protection against grease and grime. In addition, glass tiles also reflect light and if we haven’t stressed it enough, a radiant kitchen is a must in a contemporary home.
There you have it: straight lines, clean layout, and giving it enough space to breathe. That’s the secret to a modern, contemporary kitchen.  Keep these in mid if you’re planning to go on a kitchen remodelling project. Over time, you will have a sleek kitchen fit for a celebrity chef.

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