Thursday, August 8, 2013

Client Update: Paint Color Consult

Recently I got a somewhat emergent request for a paint color consult.  A couple was in the middle of a renovation and ready for painting.  There plan was to use the color experts at Frager's until the dreaded fire arouse.  While this still hurts my heart every day and I cannot wait for the triumphant return of our beloved hardware store, this created a unique opportunity for me.  I responded to there cries for help on our neighborhood list-serve and low and behold they hired me.  

So one morning we got together bright and early while the sun was shining and selected paint colors for there entire house.  I encouraged them to hang samples and wait a few days before committing, but these two didn't have the time to wait.  The contractor had a schedule to uphold and they were in no position to hold him up.  So off to the paint store they went.  

Below are the paint colors we landed on.  They have a great relaxing vibe to them.  I hope they are liking these new colors and there new place!  All the colors were selected from Sherwin Willliams paint system, my personal fav.

Whattya think?  You like?  I hope so!  If you're interested in learning more about the paint color selection process, take a peak at this post.

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