Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{client love} Bedroom & Living Room Concepts

I had a wonderful meeting over the weekend with a great friend/client/neighbor.  I was so touched that she called me for help, because quite frankly I always thought her place looked great.  But she's secretly been struggling to pull everything together and this can be quite challenging for alot of people.  So I was happy to help!  Luckily she's got great bones (ie. awesome furniture, rugs, floors, etc.) to work with but just needs a little help with the finishing touches.  So that's where I come in.  

She already had a fairly neutral palette to work with.  Mostly everything was black, white and pale blue, which makes my job easy.  She knew she needed an accent color, but just wasn't sure which one would look the best.  I recommended yellows, oranges or poppy reds.  I love a warm color to balance out the cool tones of the blue and black.  It also really pops against the neutral background.  I usually go with the 80/20 rule.  80% of your room should your base color (in this case neutrals & blues) and the other 20% should be your accent color.

You can pull the accent colors in with pillows, artwork, flowers, etc.  These pieces really help to move your eye through the space and create a balanced look.  I also encouraged her to introduce pattern into her space to add a little visual interest.  

Another area she was struggling with was a place to display all her trinkets and travel keepsakes.  Currently they are just scattered throughout her bookshelves, making them look cluttered and hard to see.  So, I suggested using a photo ledge to display them.  This allows you to have all your items displayed in a neat and organized way.

Living Room concept:

Next, she needed just a little bit of help in the bedroom.  She has kind of an awkward layout, so I recommended some new furniture pieces that might help take advantage of some of the strange little nooks.  I also recommended this gray tone finish.  She's got dark, almost black hardwood floors, so this finish will pop nicely on them.  

The other thing she needed was window treatments.  She has dark gray/charcoal bedding with a big graphic pattern, so I felt that solid or small patterned curtains were the best approach.  I really like the moss green color below.  Its a nice calming color for the bedroom and its a dark color so it helps provide some blackout without paying for the premium for blackout curtains.  I'm also in love with the oversized curtain rods below.  We have them in our house and I recommend them to everyone.  

Bedroom concept:

Now that she has some guidelines, I hope she has luck pulling everything together.  I love working with my clients, especially when they're friends too :)

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