Friday, August 30, 2013

{client love} nursery concepts

I am so excited to be helping two of my closest and dearest friends design there nursery for there first baby.  He or she is due in January, which sounds like we have tons of time to plan.  But, its almost September and before we know it the holidays will be here and then it'll be January.  And there is always that possibility that the baby will come early.  Ahh, that sounds scary when I put it like that!  But fear not, because we've been working hard on getting this little room together so they're not scrambling at the last minute.  

They've decided to keep the gender a surprise (we did too!), which means we have to design a gender neutral concept for the room.  I put together a little sampling of some gender neutral rooms that I've found absolutely adorable.  (More on Pinterest).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 
(Starting at the top left) 

They all have a few ideas in common:
  • No pink or blue.  Choose a color scheme that is calming or playful for either a boy or girl, like greens, grays or yellows. 
  • Replace a gender specific theme (like butterflies or cars) with bold patterns and prints like chevron or polka dots. 
  • White furniture makes a neutral base for either gender.
  • Use simple artwork without suggesting a theme, like ABCs, animals or a cute saying.  
Here are a few concepts I put together for them based on a few ideas we talked about.

{dog theme}
in honor of there cute little sproodle

{giraffe theme}
because all kids love animals

{music theme}
since they are both really into music

{travel theme}
they also both love traveling and toured the world together

I hope you like them!  We've narrowed in a few ideas, so when everything is final I'll report back with our final selections.  In the meantime check out my Pinterest board to see more of the products we pulled together.  
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Photo Ledges

A little over a year ago, I made this cute tack board for our kitchen.  It was super adorable and at the time I thought it looked so perfect and organized.  And it did....for a while.  

Until it turned into this disaster:

There is so much clutter and junk on there we couldn't tell who just had a baby or what season it was.  So, we ditched the old tack board and put up these photo ledges, which just so happened to fit that little wall perfectly, and I mean 'to the inch' perfectly.  

I feel like it was meant to be.  Doesn't it look sooo much cute now?  I just hope I can keep it looking cute and adorable and not clutter it up with crap like I did before.  I guess time will tell.  

Now I just have to find some sort of artwork to hang above it.  It needs something to kind of finish it off.  Don't you think?    Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{client love} Bedroom & Living Room Concepts

I had a wonderful meeting over the weekend with a great friend/client/neighbor.  I was so touched that she called me for help, because quite frankly I always thought her place looked great.  But she's secretly been struggling to pull everything together and this can be quite challenging for alot of people.  So I was happy to help!  Luckily she's got great bones (ie. awesome furniture, rugs, floors, etc.) to work with but just needs a little help with the finishing touches.  So that's where I come in.  

She already had a fairly neutral palette to work with.  Mostly everything was black, white and pale blue, which makes my job easy.  She knew she needed an accent color, but just wasn't sure which one would look the best.  I recommended yellows, oranges or poppy reds.  I love a warm color to balance out the cool tones of the blue and black.  It also really pops against the neutral background.  I usually go with the 80/20 rule.  80% of your room should your base color (in this case neutrals & blues) and the other 20% should be your accent color.

You can pull the accent colors in with pillows, artwork, flowers, etc.  These pieces really help to move your eye through the space and create a balanced look.  I also encouraged her to introduce pattern into her space to add a little visual interest.  

Another area she was struggling with was a place to display all her trinkets and travel keepsakes.  Currently they are just scattered throughout her bookshelves, making them look cluttered and hard to see.  So, I suggested using a photo ledge to display them.  This allows you to have all your items displayed in a neat and organized way.

Living Room concept:

Next, she needed just a little bit of help in the bedroom.  She has kind of an awkward layout, so I recommended some new furniture pieces that might help take advantage of some of the strange little nooks.  I also recommended this gray tone finish.  She's got dark, almost black hardwood floors, so this finish will pop nicely on them.  

The other thing she needed was window treatments.  She has dark gray/charcoal bedding with a big graphic pattern, so I felt that solid or small patterned curtains were the best approach.  I really like the moss green color below.  Its a nice calming color for the bedroom and its a dark color so it helps provide some blackout without paying for the premium for blackout curtains.  I'm also in love with the oversized curtain rods below.  We have them in our house and I recommend them to everyone.  

Bedroom concept:

Now that she has some guidelines, I hope she has luck pulling everything together.  I love working with my clients, especially when they're friends too :)

Check out my Pinterest board for more images and sources.  


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Client Update: Paint Color Consult

Recently I got a somewhat emergent request for a paint color consult.  A couple was in the middle of a renovation and ready for painting.  There plan was to use the color experts at Frager's until the dreaded fire arouse.  While this still hurts my heart every day and I cannot wait for the triumphant return of our beloved hardware store, this created a unique opportunity for me.  I responded to there cries for help on our neighborhood list-serve and low and behold they hired me.  

So one morning we got together bright and early while the sun was shining and selected paint colors for there entire house.  I encouraged them to hang samples and wait a few days before committing, but these two didn't have the time to wait.  The contractor had a schedule to uphold and they were in no position to hold him up.  So off to the paint store they went.  

Below are the paint colors we landed on.  They have a great relaxing vibe to them.  I hope they are liking these new colors and there new place!  All the colors were selected from Sherwin Willliams paint system, my personal fav.

Whattya think?  You like?  I hope so!  If you're interested in learning more about the paint color selection process, take a peak at this post.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing....First Friday, Outfit to Room Series

I'm super excited to announce the first edition of First Fridays...Outfit to Room series.  I've teamed up with fellow blogger Yana from Nomad Luxuries for a fun little project that we're planning to do the First Friday of every month.  Basically we're planning on finding inspiration from fashion and styling a room based on the outfit.  Fashion and Interior trends are so highly influenced by one another, so why not embrace it!

For our first edition, we're starting off with a summer/beach look.  Below is my inspiration.  I love the vibrant colors against the natural textures of the background.

And here is my mood board.  Like the photo, I paired neutral textures with bold pops of color.  I used the more permanent elements, like seating, tables and flooring as the neutral base and back drop.  Then layered the accents on top with pillows, art, accessories.  

I love the ease and cheeriness of this space.  I'd be thrilled to have a room like this in my house someday!

Image Sources:

Shades of Light, Quatrefoil Cage Table Lamp
Layla Grayce, Somerset Bay Lillie End Table
West Elm, Crosby Sofa
Lacefield Designs, Vintage Uzbek Linen Pillow
West Elm, Dune Vases
Zinc Door, Palm Beach Light Wood Taupe Boucle Chair
Lacefield Designs, Sultana Pillow in Fig & Glass
VN Printable Art, Botanical Sea Kelp
Dash and Albert, Natural Jute Woven Rug
10 West Elm, Carved Wood Coffee Table

**You can also take a peak at my Pinterest board to find these images and more.

Hope you liked the first edition of our Outfit to Room series!  Be sure to check out Yana's blog to see her creation and stay tuned for next months edition.  Maybe it'll be a Back to School theme or possibly a Labor Day Picnic scheme.  We'll see where the mood takes us.

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