Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A page of my portfolio....

hello happy campers.  a long long time ago (ok it was actually like only 6 months ago), i worked in a design firm for big company that designs pretty buildings and interiors called VOA.  Before my son was born, I lived and breathed for my clients and projects.  I loved it and I miss it so much.  But, I've decided that I love my little guy more and I'm going to put his needs ahead of my own for a while.  So the days of putting on a pretty dress and going to work have been put on hold temporarily.  I can now classify myself as a Stay at Home Mom.  And while I used to be so envious of all the moms I would see hanging out in the park just relaxing the day away with there kids, I now know better.  These women have a much harder job than I ever did.  Staying home with your kid is no joke, they are demanding little monsters who occupy every second of your day.  They need constant attention and just when you think you have it all figured out they throw a curveball and you're back where you started.  

But I digress.  I love my baby more than anything, so for him I will forgo my career and just be his mommy.  And I'm hoping to find some great opportunities while I'm at it.  I've got a residential handful of clients that I'm working with right now and that is keeping my me happy for the time being.  Actually, its been a great balance of mommyhood and working.  I just hope I can continue to find more great clients with great projects.  

In honor of my beloved career in the commercial world, I thought I would share some photos I just got back from one of the projects I left before my maternity leave.  It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.  Take a looksy. 

Main conference room looking into the lobby-waiting area.  This image shows the operable partition wall closed.

This is the same view, with the operable partition open

Break room/pantry area

Main reception

Reception waiting area

Open workstations

Disclaimer:  VOA is the owner of these photos.  The client's name has been blurred to protect there privacy.

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