Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Custom Sliding Barn Door

So there was a super amazing thing that we did before the baby arrived that I never told you about.  The pregnancy fog took over and I neglected to share all photos and stories about our beeeauutiful barn door!  Before I get into the nitty gritty, take a look at this beauty: 

Here is the AFTER:

And here is the BEFORE:

The background is basically this:  Before the baby we had a two bedroom house, and that was fine then cause we really didn't need any more than two bedrooms.  But, now with the baby and the grandparents stopping in all the time, we kinda needed another bedroom.  And luckily the layout of our house made adding a third bedroom super easy.  Basically we just built a dividing wall on the top floor and called it a day (or a bedroom).  It was really that simple.  So now we have a 3 bedroom house, and the top floor is kind of like this awesome apartment now, which is so nice when we have visitors because they have there own little space to retreat too.  

My biggest concern with adding the wall was that it would block off all the light, so we wanted to make the opening as big as possible which meant a standard three foot wide door would not do.  So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a sliding door.  That way the opening could be closer to four feet wide and we wouldn't take up space in the bedroom with the big door swing.  The only problem was where can we find a custom size sliding door.

Well, i'll tell you where.  An amazing website called CustomMade.com, thats where.  This site was perfect for this little project.  Basically you create and account there, post a custom project that you're interested in and then people or shop owners from all over the country will send you bids.  You can put in parameters for local vendors and pricing.  So I posted our project with a couple of photos of what we were looking for and I think I got over a dozen bids within days.  We ended up using a local craftsman in Virginia called Strong Oaks Woodshop and couldn't be happier with the results.  

Here are a few close ups of the door:

The door was built out of reclaimed hickory and salvaged hardware from an old barn in Virginia.  They added in a little new oak for structural stability as well.  That thing is super sturdy!  Also, pretty green my friends!

I'm so excited I finally got this posted!  This was by far one of the best projects we've done in our house.  Have you ever had anything custom made for your house?  Were you happy with the results??


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  1. Oh my goodness! The door is gorgeous! Love it!

  2. That is a beautiful door. The look of the wood gives a rustic and romantic feel and I love the way it looks against the white wall. Great job! -Rolf Matchen@NVRoofs

    1. Thanks! We love the way the design turned out.

  3. It's rare for me to see a sliding barn door to be used in a residential house like this. I really find it fascinating! Admit it or not, you will most likely see this type of door being installed in a cabin house. How does it feel to have a cool and unique interior? Where did you get your inspiration for this? It's so awesome, Heather!

    John Gwaltney @ Nehemiah ReConstruction

    1. Thanks - Just a vision I had, I guess. Luckily it turned out great - its always a gamble, but this on paid off!

  4. It's obviously a well-made sliding barn door! Very neatly cut, and I think it helps retain the contemporary atmosphere despite the rustic feel of the bare-looking door. Mason@
    Renewal by Andersen


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