Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest Post! How to Create a Heavenly Home Office

When work has to be done, there’s no better place to accomplish it than in a cozy home office. If you are lucky enough to work from home, your ultimate goal is a clutter-free workspace that is as organized as it is elegant. Here are some tips on how you can turn your work space into an oasis all your own.

In many ways, carpet is old news. It wears out easily and can absorb dirt, paper scraps, and staples that make their way to the floor. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful touch to a home office and can be paired with a rug of your choice. When the floorboards themselves are beautifully finished and designed to match the décor of the room as a whole, your own productivity may be affected for the better. Floors are relatively easy to install and can be done by anyone with a bit of mechanical sense.

Colorful throw rugs can be placed in certain areas of the home office for some extra decorative spice. In fact, one technique for infusing a room with more warmth is through the addition of a colorful patterned rug that suits your personality. When placed in the center of the office over a hardwood floor, it should bring the room together in style. This is especially true if the walls are painted rather bland hues of grey or white.

For book lovers or lovers of knowledge in general, there is no better way to sanctify a home office than by filling it with shelves upon shelves of bound works. Bookshelves can often be made from scratch by those individuals who are somewhat skilled at amateur carpentry. Though they can be made from any sort of material, cherry and oak are often the best choices. Or, if you are more of an adventurer, consider a more modern bookshelf that brings a more playful look to the room.

Another addition to your heavenly home office may be a leather chair, which can be used for any number of tasks. Swivel chairs are much loved by professionals for their ease of movement and their promotion of proper posture. Make your chair your own by selecting a chair in your favorite color or an especially comfortable material. Since this is where you’ll be sitting as you accomplish all of your work, it’s important that you enjoy it. Just beware of the rollers that come on most office chairs, as they could damage your hardwood floors if you do not use a rug.

Lastly, home office users should never ignore the importance of trinkets and accessory items as they proceed in their work. Photographs of family members, certificates of achievement, and items that pertain to their most cherished hobbies might all be hung on the wall. For just the right atmosphere, scented candles might even be placed on the table where most of the work takes place. After all, pine and cinnamon scents are known to improve focus and alertness! Once you have made your home office look and feel like your very own oasis, work may never feel like work again.

Erin Devine is the owner and writer for DIY Home & Floor, an online resource for home renovation and interior design inspiration. 

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  1. This is great. Very useful.

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  3. Your well-written post is truly inspiring! The insights you shared will surely make a difference in an ordinary home office space! Cheers and keep your write-ups coming!


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