Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Entryway Art Collage

Hello World!  Hope you're all doing fantastic.  I've been wanting to post about photo gallery collages for a while now.  They are oh so trendy, and I see them everywhere.  I feel like every home has a space that would be perfect for one of these.  I created one in my entryway and I've been tweaking it since we moved in.  After 2 years it's finally feeling balanced and correct.  The photos below were taken before we painted and I haven't had time to reshoot (please forgive me).  But, before I show you those, I wanted to show you a few of the images I came across online that inspired me.

I love the use of the frame ledge in this one.

This one came from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.  I love how they've taken advantage of the entire wall.

I love all the colors of this collage.

The transom line of this one is such a great way to organize these frames.  I also love how all the photos are black and white.

I like how this one is formed around the furniture.  

In my opinion, the best parts of the photo gallery are the variety.  I love putting photos next to canvases next to fun objects.  You have to be ok with a little asymmetry, which I know is tough for some people (ehm, my husband).  If you're thinking about creating one of these in your house, I have a few recommendations.

My Photo Gallery Rules:
  1. Use the same color frames.   It creates a more uniform look and allows the art to pop.
  2. Use balance instead of symmetry.  Forget about making each piece symmetrical with another, just go for a balanced look.  If one side has 2 small frames, put 1 large one on the other side.
  3. Include objects or sculpture.  Add a 3D object here and there, just a few, you dont want to go crazy, but it will help break up all the frames and create a more dynamic collage.
  4. Frame meaningful art or photos.  Frame things that are important to you, like your first house key or card someone gave you.  They're interesting and guests in your house will be curious about them and ask questions.  
  5. Tweak often!  There is no right or wrong way to do this, so if you hang stuff and hate it, move it around and change it.  Add things as you get them.  This is the fun of these galleries, they just keep growing and growing.
Ok, so now on to the photos of my collage.  Its a small area, much smaller than all the photos I've shown you.  But I plan to add to it over the years.  I started with the mirror, because I always need to take a peak at myself before walking out the door.  I used that as my center point and worked out from there.  

I love the man and woman flower vases.  Those were a gift from my brother.  We have so little framed photos of ourselves in our house, but I love this one.  It was from a photobooth at a festival we went to last fall.  And of course I had to represent the furry member of our household.

This side has the woman vase and next to that is my framed Suzanne Tick Art that I put together.  And below that is one of my favorite things - our key hooks.  We got this from an art vendor at the Eastern Market.  There is a photo of people taking photos of the cherry blossoms, which i think is perfect irony.  Plus its finished with an old radiator grate.  Its super fun and kitchy.

I would encourage everyone to find a place for one of these in your house.  They're so fun and meaningful.  You'll be happy you did!


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