Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Custom Fabric Tackable Panels, Part 2

I have a super cute project to share with you guys!  I've been planning on putting this together for, um, 5-6 months now.....but some things came up, i guess.  The Part 1 of this process happened about 5 months ago....I guess you could say I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  The main reason I've been putting this off is that I just wasn't quite sure how to engineer this sucker.  But I finally figured out a simple method that actually worked!

Let me show ya:

Step 1:
I purchased four packs of cork tiles from Staples, in two different sizes - 12"x12" & 6"x6".  You can find these tiles in lots of places.  They're not very expensive and they're also very easy to cut into custom sizes.  The tiles are not very thick, only about an 1/8" of an inch, so i decided to laminate two tiles together with glue for a thicker, more sturdy substrate.  I let these dry overnight under a heavy stack of books.

Step 2:
Using the tile sizes I purchased, I did a quick sketch of how I wanted to lay these out.  Actually, I did this part in my head, but I created this little sketch so you can follow me.

Step 3:
I gathered up a bunch of different fabrics that looked good in my kitchen, where I am planning to hang this.  Fortunately, I have access to tons of samples at my office so I just grabbed a few of my favorites (Thanks you Maharam and Luna).  You can read more about how I selected these fabrics here. 

Step 4:
I took two of the four 12"x12" tiles and taped them together to create one 24"x 12" section.  I did this with all four of the pieces, so I was left with two long pieces.  If you refer back to the sketch above, I just created the long sections labeled 'Fabric A' and 'Fabric B'.

Step 5:
Next, I started stapling the fabric to the cork tiles.  Some fabrics are harder than others to wrap and secure in place, but mainly you just try to get the fabric straight and the edges tight.  The good news is, you can always rip the staples out and start over if its not sitting right.

Step 6:
After all the tiles were wrapped in fabric, I turned them over and taped them together with duct tape.  I also stapled the seams together to make them extra secure.  I used a quite a bit of tape!  I just wanted to make sure it would stay together well. 

Step 7:
Create a hanger.  I made mine out of staples and wire.  I just wrapped the wire around a few times and knotted to ensure it would hold.  The good part about using the cork tiles, is they are nice and light the finished product is pretty easy to hang.

Step 8:
Now you're ready to hang.  But first, lets see how pretty it looks.  Ooooh, aaaaah.  I knew you'd like it!

This is the before photo of our sad little overfilled cork board. 

And this is the after!  I love how this fills out the wall.  It actually gives me lots of space to hang all my pictures, cards and invitations.  Now I don't have to clutter up the sides of my refrigerator trying to find space for all this stuff. 

And here it is with all my stuff on it.  It looks kind of busy in the photo, but i can assure that its not.  It makes me feel much calmer now every time I look at it.

Hope you like it!


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