Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi everyone!  I'm just returning from a quick trip to (not so) Sunny Florida.  I got so wrapped up in my trip, that I'm a bit delayed in posting about the Spring Exchange.  Forgive me for my tardiness, but here I am now with all the details!  

So what is the Spring Exchange you ask?  It's a little blogger gift exchange that was crafted up by Lisha @ One House, One Couple and Meagan @ Local at Last.  We were asked to send our partner $15 of our favorite spring goodies.  

My partner was the one and only Lisha at One House, One Couple (I know you've been seeing her name on here a lot these days!).  She sent me the greatest little grab bag of stuff:  Nail Polish, Sunglasses, Lip Balm, Sun block, Earrings and a reversible tote bag made by Lisha herself! 

I just love all my new spring time goodies!  And I had so much fun participating in this great event.  Happy Spring!


1 comment:

  1. Yay Heather! It was so fun being your partner! Hope you like the stuff and find them all useful :)

    Thanks for participating Heather, and I really enjoyed the goodies you got me! :)



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