Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trends in Mirrors

A friend and neighbor recently asked me to help her pick out a new mirror for there master bedroom.  Her husband wanted a floor mirror, but she and I agreed that a floor mirror wouldn't look right on there carpeted bedroom and it might also be dangerous to there toddler.  I was having nightmares of there 2 year old pulling this massive mirror over on her head and crushing herself.  So, instead of the oh so trendy floor mirror, they opted for a wall mounted mirror.

this one is my favorite :)

As I was looking around for some good options, I discovered that it is really hard to find a decent wall mounted mirror.  The leaning floor mounted versions have really taken over the market.  And they are lovely, so I guess thats fine.  You can wall mount some of the floor mirrors, but alot of them are really heavy, so if you decide to go that route make sure you have adequate mounting support.  These are the options that I sent to her:

*this can be wall mounted as well



In the end she opted for the Ikea model, its cheap and does the job.  I can't blame her, I have the same one in my bedroom ;).  If you're interested in some more reading about mirror trends check out this post from Apartment Therapy.


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