Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bronze Light Fixtures

One of the best things about our trip to Morocco was discovering the beauty of bronze light fixtures.  These fixtures were everywhere we went - the riads, the restaurants, even the bathrooms.  They're absolutely beautiful pieces of art and cast the most amazing shadows.  They create a fabulous mood in any space.  I've never seen a light fixture that can transform a space like these can.  Check out a few we spotted along the way.

This was in our first room in Fez:

This one I spotted while we were eating dinner one night:

These were in our room in Marrakesh:

These are some of the fixtures I spotted while shopping:

So of course, we had to buy some for our own house.  We were on a mission to buy these one day, so after some pretty intense bargaining we came home with two of these little guys and one hanging pendant which I'll tell you more about in a future post.

Unfortunately, they were wired with European fittings so we my husband had to do a little DIY-ing to get these to work right.  Thank goodness he was some kind of wire hacker in a previous life because he figured this out with no problems.  Here is a quick play by play.

Unscrew the plug and pull the prongs out, then unscrew the prongs and loosen the wires.  

Next take the open wires and tie them onto the American prongs, then fit the prongs into the plastic plug piece.  And waa-laa - you have a new plug that'll work in all your Americanized outlets.

And without further ado, here are our very own authentic Moroccan light fixtures.  (Can you tell how much I love them?)

A few close ups:

With the light on:

Here they are in there permanent home in our bedroom.  I'm in love with the shadows:

Looove looove looove!


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  1. Awesome post Heather! I have two bronze light fixtures from Morocco and all I need is a good home in which to hang them. This will be helpful when the for that project arrives. I will most likely be contacting you.


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