Sunday, February 5, 2012

Construction Progress: Built In Shelving

Our cabinets are done and done!  Well ok, not 100%, but they're 95% there.  They have absolutely transformed our space and we're so thrilled.  Who knew building in shelving would open up our space so much!  This is why they call me a designer people - i have vision.  

Ok enough about my amazing talents, on to the photos.  So way back when in October, i sketched up a concept for our shelving.  We met with our contractor (Charm City Construction - you should check them out, Todd is amazing!) and came up with some ideas on how to build this idea.

Original sketch:

In progress:


It was very important to my husband to have his speakers and stereo equipment wired properly, so we located grommets and wire pulls in strategic locations so he could connect everything without making the wires noticeable.  We even had the contractor string the speaker wire through the wall cavity so you can't see them at all.  I couldn't be happier that I don't have to look at that mess of wires anymore.  Here are a few shots of the details:

The rest are photos of the finished product.  We're waiting on the custom size doors for lower shelving.  Those should be ready in a few weeks.  Take a peak:

What do you think?  Hope you like as much as we do!


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