Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strange Week, Lovely Vase

I don't know how your week is going, but mine has been rather odd.  I've been dealing with a rather strange client at work, and its left me feeling a bit rattled, which is why I've been an MIA blogger.  Clients take alot out of me!  But, I'm trying to snap out of it.  So, let me tell you about this super cute vase that my little brother got me.  He's so sweet.  

Its a long rectangular glass vase that looks perfect on my side table under the mirror.  I didn't want to buy anything new to put in it, so I tried using some stuff I had around the house.  Here is my first try:

That looked ok, but kind of strange.  The branches we're kind of lop-sided.  So I tried another idea - river rocks & moss.  Much better and super easy.  

Ta Da!  Whaddya think?  I love my new vase and my brother for getting it for me.  Hope your week is going better than mine!

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