Friday, January 13, 2012

The Name Game

I need your help!  I'm undertaking a blog rebrand and I need your input.  First thing I want to tackle is a name update.  I love DiSabella Design, but its more of a business name and i fear its not catchy enough for the masses.  Here are a couple of names I'm considering.  Tell me what you think:

1.  The Designer Life
*i'm a designer and i'll tell you all about my life

2.  Confessions of a Designer
*sort of like confessions of a shopaholic

3.  Decorissimo
*decor + italian influence

4.  Design, Create, Love
*play on the movie- Eat, Pray, Love

5.  Design by Bella
*Simple, understated

6.  White Paper Houses or Paper Houses
*When i was a kid i built houses out of paper and tape at my grandma & grandpas house

7.  From doll houses to floor plans
*I loved dollhouses as a kid, and now i love floor plans

8.  Designlove
*i love design, duh

9.  twentyfourseven design
*i literally think about design 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

I'm dying to hear what you guys think!  Please leave a comment with your vote.  If you've got a good name idea that I didn't think of, i'd love to hear it.  Oh, and tell your friends....the more input, the better. 


  1. I like 4 & 5 the best... Simple and easy to understand. I miss blogging! Hope to get back to if after I graduate in May ;) good luck!! ~Cara

  2. I like number 3 and number 9. :)

  3. i like #4. it seems to fit the blog best.

  4. Confessions of a Designer
    You style of writing seems to fit this title.


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