Monday, January 30, 2012

Construction In Progress: Custom Bar

Hello friends!  Who wants a drink??  Well, we're ready to serve you one!  In addition to our custom shelving project, we also did a small project up on our 4th floor.  We figured since we were making a mess (and the contractor had all his fancy tools set up in our garage) we would build out this project too.  

We had this little nook that was perfect for customizing right next to the doors that lead to our roof deck.  Since we entertain on this floor quite a bit, we found ourselves wanting a place to keep some dishes, glasses and cold beverages.  We thought about installing a sink, but we just didn't think we'd use it enough to justify the cost.  So in about 40" of space, we managed to squeeze in space for a ton of essential entertaining stuff.  We just love the way it turned out.  Here are the construction details:  

Construction Day 1:  After looking at refrigerators for a while, we finally decided on a GE beverage center.  We wanted something a bit more upscale from the college-esq mini fridge and we love all our other GE appliances so this seemed like a good fit.  Next to the fridge we had a perfect 18" wide hole left over, which meant we could use a standard 18" stock base cabinet.  We found ours at Lowes for a little over $100.  So our contractor placed these 2 units on the bottom, roughed in the counter top and ran electric to the back wall for the refrigerator hook up.

Construction Day 2:  The contractor installed a small filler panel over the refrigerator, put base on the cabinet and painted the counter top.

Construction Complete!  The only thing we have left to do is purchase and install the pulls.  We can't wait for our next party!



  1. Looks perfect! Nice progress and stock :)

  2. That's an open invitation to come over and party right?! Looks great.


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