Friday, January 20, 2012

Client Update: Paint Colors

Recently I took some photos of my neighbors (and now great friends!) brand new house.  They came to me looking for a bit of guidance selecting paint colors.  They were having a hard time making selections on there own and wanted a 3rd opinion.  (Which i totally understand, because I'm still trying to pick colors for my own house).  So, we sat down one afternoon, cracked open a beer and got to business.  They have a 4 story townhouse with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 2 living spaces, dining & kitchen.  Thats a lot of rooms!  So 2 beers later, we selected colors for there whole house.  And I'm happy to report, there was only 1 color they didn't like (sorry bout that purple bedroom Kevin!).  Hope you enjoy the photos below:

*slight disclaimer:  these photos were taken during a dinner party, so excuse the food, beverages and blurred people!

1st Floor:  Entry

2nd Floor:  Overview

2nd Floor:  Living Room

2nd Floor:  Dining Room

2nd Floor:  Kitchen

2nd Floor:  Kitchen

3rd Floor:  Hallway

3rd Floor:  Hallway

3rd Floor:  Bedroom

4th Floor:  Family Room

4th Floor:  Baby's Room


  1. What's wrong with disabella design or Bella design? I Iike it and your logo looks lovely.

    Here's a design query-- we need a full-length mirror for the bedroom. My husband insists we should get a chunky wood floor mirror. I am strongly anti floor mirror in our room because I think the room is too small and that it will add to the clutter and will just look like we bought a mirror and never got around to hanging it on the wall. Plus, I don't think a floor mirror will look right on carpet. But Scotty says, "it's the style." what do you think?

  2. If I'm thinking of the same mirror your desribing then I'd have to agree - 'it's the look'. However, trends are never a reason to choose something for your house. It should be the right look for you. I'd be happy to take a look the next time I'm at your house and recommend something.


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