Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sponsor Love

Today's post is dedicated to one of my fabulous sponsors:  The Moroccan Room!  They have been a sponsor of mine for the last few months, so today I would like to say thanks!

Moroccan decor has emerged on the marketplace and The Moroccan Room has been at the forefront.  With fabulous selections in rugslamps, pillows, and jewelry, there is no shortage of authentic Moroccan pieces to choose from.  

Below are some of my favorite pieces from there store:






If you haven't checked out there store, do it now!  And many many thanks to The Moroccan Room for there sponsorship.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nursery Gliders

This week, we've taken leaps and bounds with the nursery planning.  We went to look at cribs and changing tables and we've also narrowed our search of gliders (which are a huge freakin chunk of change - my god!).

We're still in the process of deciding on the glider, so I thought I'd write up a quick post about the ones we're looking at to see if you guys have any ideas for me.  My criteria is pretty basic - good simple design (obviously), comfort (obviously), and ease of repurposing (will this look good in our loft in a few years).

Below are the finalists:

Gus Modern, Sparrow Glider + Ottoman
Glider:  $999
Ottoman:  $399
Glider:  $995
Ottoman:  $385

Glider:  $899
Ottoman:  $499

Pottery Barn Kids, Charleston Convertible Rocker + Ottoman
Rocker:  $649
Ottoman:  $349
Stationary Feet:  $69

So, now I need your opinions.  Please tell me what you think.  Mommies out there, what are your opinions??  Which one would you pick?  Can't wait to hear from you!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Honeycomb Kitchen Rug

We got one thing crossed off our list!  Yay!  We finally got rid of our old green shaggy kitchen rug that shed relentlessly and upgraded to this gorgeous new one.  I don't know about you guys, but I had a hard time trying to find a rug that makes sense to use in kitchen.  You want something durable that won't stain easily, soft on the foot, but not too plush.  So after searching I finally convinced Marc into buying this one.

I love how the colors tie into our finishes in a modern, updated way.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I hate our kitchen cabinets with a passion.  I hate the color, the door style, well thats its really, but there's nothing else left to dislike, right?  I just think they look old and dated and totally don't fit into the rest of our house.  I'm always looking for ways to distract people from there ugliness and this rug is a step in the right direction.

So this guy is a flat weave wool rug, which so far is working out perfectly.  Wool is a naturally repellent material so its perfect for kitchens.  I mean, you can't let stuff it on it for hours, but as long as you clean up things relatively quickly you shouldn't have a problem with staining.  It also vacuums up like a gem!

We actually purchased this rug from One Kings Lane, which if you aren't familiar is a sister site to Joss & Main, both of which offer daily secret sale events of some fantastic interior products.  But you have to act fast, the good stuff sells out quickly!  Luckily we scored this little number before it was gone.  I've been wanting to purchase something from one of there sites for a while now, and I'm happy to report it worked out great.    

Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest Post! How to Create a Heavenly Home Office

When work has to be done, there’s no better place to accomplish it than in a cozy home office. If you are lucky enough to work from home, your ultimate goal is a clutter-free workspace that is as organized as it is elegant. Here are some tips on how you can turn your work space into an oasis all your own.

In many ways, carpet is old news. It wears out easily and can absorb dirt, paper scraps, and staples that make their way to the floor. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful touch to a home office and can be paired with a rug of your choice. When the floorboards themselves are beautifully finished and designed to match the d├ęcor of the room as a whole, your own productivity may be affected for the better. Floors are relatively easy to install and can be done by anyone with a bit of mechanical sense.

Colorful throw rugs can be placed in certain areas of the home office for some extra decorative spice. In fact, one technique for infusing a room with more warmth is through the addition of a colorful patterned rug that suits your personality. When placed in the center of the office over a hardwood floor, it should bring the room together in style. This is especially true if the walls are painted rather bland hues of grey or white.

For book lovers or lovers of knowledge in general, there is no better way to sanctify a home office than by filling it with shelves upon shelves of bound works. Bookshelves can often be made from scratch by those individuals who are somewhat skilled at amateur carpentry. Though they can be made from any sort of material, cherry and oak are often the best choices. Or, if you are more of an adventurer, consider a more modern bookshelf that brings a more playful look to the room.

Another addition to your heavenly home office may be a leather chair, which can be used for any number of tasks. Swivel chairs are much loved by professionals for their ease of movement and their promotion of proper posture. Make your chair your own by selecting a chair in your favorite color or an especially comfortable material. Since this is where you’ll be sitting as you accomplish all of your work, it’s important that you enjoy it. Just beware of the rollers that come on most office chairs, as they could damage your hardwood floors if you do not use a rug.

Lastly, home office users should never ignore the importance of trinkets and accessory items as they proceed in their work. Photographs of family members, certificates of achievement, and items that pertain to their most cherished hobbies might all be hung on the wall. For just the right atmosphere, scented candles might even be placed on the table where most of the work takes place. After all, pine and cinnamon scents are known to improve focus and alertness! Once you have made your home office look and feel like your very own oasis, work may never feel like work again.

Erin Devine is the owner and writer for DIY Home & Floor, an online resource for home renovation and interior design inspiration. 

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Accessorize your space

I've worked with alot of clients that have trouble accessorizing there spaces.  It can be quite a daunting tasks but I have a few simple tips that I've learned along the way.

1.  Keep it simple, edit often.  Don't overdo it with accessories.  No one wants to see every last chotchkie you've collected throughout your life.  Seriously people, I cannot stress this enough.  Its time to pack up your ceramic doll collection and say your goodbyes.  The key here is simplicity.  Display a limited amount of pieces that are make a statement.

2.  Pick an accent color and highlight it.  This is a big one.  I always tell my clients to pick neutral bases (paint colors, furniture, wood tones) that can be punched up with accessories.  A good rule of thumb is your space should have 3 main colors - 70% base color, 20% primary accent and 10% secondary accent.  This doesn't necessarily apply to every space, but I think its a good place to start and help guide you with the amounts of color.  The best part about this is that you can keep key expensive pieces longer and simply switch out your accents when you're looking for a change.

3.  Create balance, but stay away from symmetry.  Now don't get me wrong, I love symmetry, but not when it comes to accessories.  I find it more appropriate when you balance out accessories instead of buying things in pairs.  For example, one side of your mantel you could have 3 tall thin candlesticks while on the other you have 1 low bulky vase.

4.  DIY.  Do It Yourself.  If you see something you like but you can't afford it start thinking about ways you could achieve the same look with a little DIYing.  Etsy & Pinterest are great resources for inspiration.  Check out this tutorial on creating the artwork pictured below here.

5.  Vary your sources and make them meaningful.  Make sure every piece you display has impact or has personal meaning to you.  I hate seeing peoples houses that look like they're straight out a catalog.  Pick things that are interesting and might create conversation rather than the same old vase you see in every showroom at the mall.  That being said, I have no problem with the occasional piece from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, but try to mix and match them with your own unique style.

6.  Change them up & do it often.  As I said before, changing up your accessories is the fun part of decorating.  Update with the trends to keep your place feeling fresh and current.

And remember accessorizing should be fun.  Don't stress people, you can always move something to a different room and solve all your problems.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to Bloggin!

I'm baaaaack!  That's right people, its me, your old pal.  Don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys.  In fact, I've got loads of things to tell you about.

First and foremost, the little unexpected summer sabbatical that I took, well there was a reason for that.  It's a big secret actually, and I've been waiting patiently to tell you guys.  You see, I've got this little baby growing in my stomach that's been sucking up all my energy and made me feel like crap for most of the summer.  That's right people, I'M PREGNANT!  We're expecting our little baby blogger early February.  We couldn't be happier.  I know that sounds so cliche, but it really is true.  This little peanut has already made us so happy and he isn't even here yet.  And before you start asking, no, we're not going to find out the sex.  We prefer the surprise at the end and I also secretly love how much it irritates everyone else who can't fathom why we don't want know.

But this is a blog about interior design and DIYing, not about babies.  So fear not, I promise not to go crazy posting about baby things.  I mean, I will tell you every intimate detail of the nursery, but aside from that I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

So aside from living in babyland, I have a few other things going on in my life that I can't wait to tell you about.  I've got tons of projects - big and small - that I'm ready to start.  And I've been busy busy busy all summer working with some new clients.  So stay tuned for these projects:
  • Design and furnish the nursery
  • Add a bedroom to the top floor
  • Design a custom barn door for new bedroom, kinda like this:

  • Pick out a new kitchen carpet
  • Find a new bench for the master bedroom
  • Accessorize the picture rails on the 3rd floor
  • Stencil the 3rd floor hallway, loving this one:

And I'm also hoping to use some of my recent client experiences to give you guys some pointers.  Here are some topics that keep coming up:
  • Picking out paint colors
  • Finding decent window treatments
  • How to make a bedroom a haven
  • Accessorizing your space 
Ok, so don't get mad if these posts don't come as quickly as you'd like.  The little thing swimming in my belly leaves me completely exhausted sometimes.  But I've got lots of momentum right now and I'm super excited about all to come.

Hope you guys had great summers!  I missed you all :)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chihuly Sculpture

A few weeks ago, during my trip to the Steelcase Headquarters I saw a gorgeous glass sculpture by one of my favorite active artists, Dale Chihuly.  His work is stunning, simply stunning.  He has installations all over the US, all unique and worth seeking out.  Below are a few photos of the one that is showcased at  Steelcase University in there open courtyard.

*photo disclosure:  these were taken on a crappy iphone.

For more information on Dale Chihuly and his work, check out his website.


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Post! Stylish Bookcases.

Hi there! I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a go-to source on the web for wonderful chandeliers, pendant lights, and other lighting fixtures. I am passionate about interior decorating and get to spend my days searching the Internet for lovely images and ideas for the home. Thanks to Design Create Love, I’m sharing some of my favorite stylish bookcases with you today. No matter your style, bookcases add so much class and personality to almost any space. Books never go out of fashion and they show off your interests. I love bookcases that are built in and span an entire library, study, or even a dining room. Below are some of my favorite stylish bookcases.
Stylish Bookcases

This library, surrounded by bookshelves, would be heaven to me. I could get lost in there for hours.

Stylish Bookcases

A modern living room gets floor to ceiling shelves for books and curios. What a lovely place to sit, study, or read.

Stylish Bookcases

Such a fun and whimsical bibliotheque bookcase--perfect for a traditional or eclectic space.

Stylish Bookcases

Unusual built-in bookcases surround a doorway using precious space in a small flat. Modern furnishings and lighting fixture give the space an updated feel.

Stylish Bookcases

A trend that has taken off is papering the back of shelves for an added bit of interest and texture. This pretty pink bookcase is a perfect example.

Stylish Bookcases

A contemporary office boasts cute little cubbies for books, toys and supplies. The offset columns give the bookcase a little excitement.

Stylish Bookcases

This well-styled bookcase is color coordinated with the room in turquoise and coral. This is a popular color trend we are seeing a lot of recently.

Stylish Bookcases

Bookcases in the dining room are a terrific way to show off your book and curio collection. The black light fixture is a nice touch for tying in the black books on the shelves.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Which bookcase style is your favorite? Leave us some comments below! Be sure to check out Arcadian Lighting for more lighting inspirations and a great variety of lighting fixtures for your home and office!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Private Jet + Steelcase = Awesome!

Last week, I was invited on a trip to the Steelcase Headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It was an amazing trip and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity.  Me and a group of designers, got to fly up in the Steelcase private jet, which was sooo super awesome!  It is definitely my preferred method of travel now, I mean really, how could I ever go back to flying coach??  

Ok, coming back down to reality now.  So, the trip was great!  Really great.  We toured the headquarters, saw tons of product - both on the marketplace and in development, we had some great discussions about industry trends, and to top it all off we had an beautiful dinner at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's Houses - The Meyer May House.  I promise, I will post all the details about shortly!

But first, let me give you the highlights of our tour.

Starting from the begining, this is the original desk that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the SC Johnson Wax Building in the 1930s.  Steelcase manufactured and sold the product, with one minor adjustment - they added a fourth wheel to the chair.  The desk is also on display at the Art Institute of Chicago in there modern furniture exhibit.  Which, I highly recommend if you haven't seen.

Fast forward to present day.  Here are some of trend setting products Steelcase currently offers.  If you're interested in buying any of there products, check out there store.

{Conference space with privacy screens}

{Super cute planters.  I also loove the glass pattern}

{This table is actually a pad of paper that you can write on.  How fun!}

{Love the screen behind this sofa!  Gorg!}

{Tiny little personal work/relax area}

{Walk on a tredmill while you work.  So innovative!}

Next on the agenda, Steelcase recently renovated there cafeteria.  They turned it into an amazing new space to work, meet and eat.  I snapped a few photos, but you can read and see more about it here.

And lastly, the outdoor collection by Coalesse, a Steelcase owned company.  I can't wait to use these on a project!

Hope you enjoyed!  More to come about this trip soon :)


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