Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Holiday Plants

Well, if you haven't noticed by now, I happen to love plants.  I just realized i already have a few posts about plants (here & here).  I love watching them grow and seeing how they can change the look of your entire space.  Last weekend I made a quick stop to our favorite local nursery Ginkgo Gardens.  I just love this place.  They've got a great  plants and everyone who works there is super friendly and helpful.  My dog also loooves going with us to shop!  She has so much fun sniffing everything and chasing the cat who lives there.

Anywho, I had my heart set on some winter cabbages.  They remind of the Cabbage Patch Kids (come on ladies, i know you remember them) and I really wanted one for my stoop.  But, they were sold sad.  So onto plan B.  I found this awesome Dwarf Spruce tree.  Its teeny tiny, but I had to have it. 

Dwarf Spruce Tree
 I picked up a pack of red pansies to surround the tree, which also adds a little Christmas flair.  They haven't all bloomed yet though, so far i just have this lonely flower.

Dwarf Spruce + Red Pansies =
Christmas Cheer
For the other side of our stoop, I picked up this little guy.  I forget what he is exactly, but i loved the shape and size and the bright green color. 

Cute little tree
I put him next to our other pot with vines and flowers we planted in the summer that just won't die.  They still look great, so we'll keep them around as long as they last.  And that completes the stoop makeover. 

New Plants!

 Next, on to the wreath.  Last year, was the first year I had ever purchased a live wreath and I looved it!  So this year, we bought another one.  This guy is a combo of pine branches and leafy branches.  I love the texture and the combination of the different greens. 

Live Christmas Wreath

Wreath Close up

Now, its officially Christmas around here!  How is your Christmas decorating going?

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