Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Goals

I can't believe its going to be twenty-twelve in 2 days.  Yikes, when did that happen?  Time just flies by so fast these days.  I think that's because there is never enough time to actually do all the things I set out to do everyday.  But, I did manage to accomplish quite a few things this year that I'm proud of.  So proud in fact, I made a list of my top 5:

  • I started a blog!  Which has made me more motivated than ever.
  • I celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary with my super awesome husband.  (Who cleaned the house today while i was out running errands - bonus points!)  
  • Traveled to Costa Rica.  Love, love, love everything about this country.
That's me, repelling down a waterfall  in Costa Rica   
  • Threw the awesom-est baby shower for my bestie (check it out here & here) and have watched her little guy grow over the last 6 months.  
  • Started working with some residential clients.  I like where this is headed :)    
And here's a list of what I hope to accomplish in the new year.  I'm not one to make resolutions, I always break them and then i feel like a failure.  But making a list of goals seems to work better for me.
  • Travel to Italy for our 5 year anniversary.  We went for our honeymoon, and we've been dying to go back ever since.
Our hotel in Capri in 2007
  • Travel to Morocco (with Brit & Bry - come on lets make this happen!)
Marrakesh...where i hope to be this February
  • Refine my blog, update the graphics and focus on projects.
  • Work with more residential clients.
  • Only do things that truly make me happy!  Should be easy, right?!
What are your goals this year?  Did you make any resolutions?  2012 is gonna be a good year, I can feel it!

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