Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mini Manzanita Trees

I am so excited to share a quick, easy and inexpensive project with guys.  I've been meaning to post this tutorial for a while now and finally found some time now that the holidays are over.  I was inspired to do this a few months ago when I first discovered the exciting world of terrariums.  The process is very simple as are finding the materials.  This is how you do it (anyone remember that song?  Haa!):

Step 1:  Gather together small glass vases (I found mine at Michael's for $1.50), rocks, moss and Manzanita branches.  I ordered the rocks, moss and branches from Save On Crafts.  If you haven't been on this site yet, I highly recommend it.  They have everything a DIY-er could dream of and its all pretty cheap.   


Step 2:  Place branch into the vase and assemble rocks around it until it is relatively sturdy.  Tip:  Manzanita branches come in lots of colors and sizes.  I ordered mini branches, about 12" high.  But I've seen sizes as big as 48", so make sure your vase and branches are proportional so they stand on there own.

Vase with rocks & branch

Step 3:  Place moss around the top of the vase to secure the rocks and branches.  This will help support the branch and keep it from wobbling around in the vase.

Adding moss to the vase

Final product

Manzanita Vases

Step 4:  Put them somewhere in your house that needs a little love and enjoy!  I put mine in our guest bedroom.  I hope all our future guests will enjoy them :)

Manzanita Trees in our
guest bedroom


Have you ever worked with Manzanita branches?  How did  your project turn out?


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