Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Ghost Chair

My neighbor asked me today if I knew of any good sites that sell knock offs of the Ghost Chair.  The first free chance I got, I started googling sites for this fabulous chair.  Turns out, my neighbor has amazing taste.  This chair was designed by Philippe Starck and is currently sold through Kartell, one of the best Italian furniture companies.  The original chair sells for about $400 a chair.  But we found some good knock offs for closer to $100 a chair:  hereherehere and here  Below are some install photos of this chair.

Philippe Starck Ghost Chair

Ghost Chair in a formal setting

Ghost chair at contemporary home

Ghost chair in a modern apartment

This chair is such a great statement piece.  Its combines the traditional lines of a early 20th century chair with modern materials and fabrication techniques.  I really hope she purchases these knock offs!  I'd love to see how they compare to the original and more importantly how they can transform her dining room!  With any luck, I'll have a before and after to show you sometime soon.  Happy furniture shopping bloggies!


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  1. I love these chairs but didn't realize they came in other colors. I desperately want two for my office. I actually used them for an event last April - supposedly first one in Philly!



  2. ha! that's awesome! love, love, love the blog:) thanks so much for doing some searching! i really appreciate it. can't wait to check these out!

  3. I want these chairs for my house now too! They're so pretty :)

    Marci - Do you have pics of the chairs?? I'd love to see!

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