Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decor in the District

I took a quick stroll on my lunch break the other day to go check out the National Christmas Tree.  I adore Christmas trees and was so excited to go see this year's tree.  It wasn't until I got there that I remembered the tree had been damaged during a wind storm earlier in the year.  So the 30 foot tree i was expecting to see was only about 8 feet tall this year.  It definitely didn't have the same effect as the previous tree, but it was still decorated beautifully and the train sets were set up like every year so I still left with a bit of that Christmas spirit I was seeking.  I snapped a few photos of some of the other beautiful landmark buildings in DC that I passed along the way too.  Hope you enjoy my photo montage!

The Old Ebbit Grill

The Willard Hotel

The Willard Hotel

Trees at the Willard

The Willard Hotel

The National Christmas Tree

Train sets under the tree

Train sets under the tree

Ornaments on the State Trees

Star on the State Trees

The White House

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