Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A morning at the Guggenheim

Last week while I was in New York, me and my ladies (+Greg) made a quick stop at the Guggenheim ( = architectural love) before we had to head home.  There was an amazing exhibit on display by Maurizio Cattelan entitled All.  The  exhibit included every piece he has ever created all in one space.  This piece came about with his decision to go into retirement.  There couldn't have been a better place to show off all these pieces.  Walking around the corkscrew ramps of the museum allowed the viewer to see each piece from multiple angles and really experience his work.  You can read more about it here.

Being at the Guggenheim and New York in general was such an inspiring trip.  It lit a fuel inside my creative zone that had been extinguished for a while.  I would encourage everyone to get out there and do things that you haven't had time for lately.  Make time for things that make you happy - its worth it!

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