Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meeting a Design Legend

Hi friends, designers, and everyone in between!  This week I was invited on a trip to NYC to tour a showroom, see some product and meet Suzanne Tick.  Um, yes that's right, I said meet Suzanne Tick.  Unless you are a designer, I'm sure this means nothing to you.  But to me and my three friends that made the trek with me, it was the trip of a lifetime.  Let me give you a bit of background.  Suzanne is a textile designer by trade, a wizard with the loom and as I just recently learned she has the capacity to weave anything (She's planning to weave old mercury, who thinks of that??).  She's grown her talents from textiles, to carpets, to glass, to acrylic, to commissioned art pieces.  While she's a legend in the commercial product world, she's also the most down to earth person with an affection for cats.

Suzanne's cats

She invited us to her design studio, which is also her house.  She's got a small staff of about 6-8 people running around, grabbing samples, making phone calls, pouring wine.  The line between work and home is very blurred, but it all seems to make perfect sense there.  I only managed to snap a few photos while I was there because, but below are a few of the amazing sneak peaks she shared with us.

New product inspiration for Tandus
A weaving transition piece
which inspires her latest collection
Suzanne showing us her latest line

I should mention that Suzanne designs carpet for Tandus Carpet (shown above), fabrics for Knoll Textiles and glass patterns for  Skyline Glass.  All of which I love and specify every day.

As I mentioned before, Suzanne also has started creating large scale art pieces.  The piece pictured below is titled Salvage.  Its made out coat hangers that she cut into pieces and categorized - shoulders and legs.  She had design firms all over the city collect hangers from there dry cleaners.  Instead of trashing them, she decided to weave amazing!

Commissioned art piece featured
 at Art Basel in Miami 
entitled Salvage

The most important thing that i learned from Suzanne was to continue being a designer first.  She talked about reorganizing your day, flipping it upside down so that instead of sitting down to the computer first thing in the morning, spend it absorbed in design.  Take advantage of the parts of the day that you are the most creative, don't let them be sucked up by emailing and nonsense.  Great advice from someone who has made her career out of taking her own advice!

To read more about Suzanne Tick and her work check out her blog:

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