Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Luna fav!

This week while I was in NYC, I was invited to the new Luna Textiles showroom at the Design Center on Lexington Ave.   I've already mentioned my love for Luna in a previous post, but seeing all the beautiful fabrics in one place was like super fun.  I felt like a (kid) designer in a (candy) fabric store.  

NYC Luna Showroom

The infamous Luna Hatboxes

The latest collection

I'm loving this collection,
I can't wait to use it on a project!

I love this texture,
it will make the most amazing wrapped panel

While we were there we also learned a bit more about the story of Luna.  Anyone who has worked with there fabrics knows that they're simple and elegant and that's the point.  The Luna brand has always focused on the quality of the textile, rather than creating product that sells.  There designs are simplistic with purpose.  They never purchase fabrics from big mills like some of there competitors.   The first collection started out with only 5 fabrics and today they've blossomed into a huge force in the marketplace.  I was honored to be there guest and learn about such an inspirational company.

For more fabrics and inspiration, check them out here.

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