Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Carpet Stair Treads

Over the weekend I did a quick little project that transformed our stairs.  We've been looking for carpet treads for our stairs for a while now.  Our dog has a hurt leg and she's taken a spill here and there (my poor baby) so we thought it was time to add a little padding on the steps so they aren't so slick.  So I started looking around online and basically found either A. ugly or B. expensive.  So, I took matters into my own hands.  I work with carpet tiles on most of my commercial jobs, and thought, i can just cut one of those suckers in half and put right on my stairs.  And that's exactly what i did.  The project turned out beautifully.  Here is the process:

uncut carpet tiles
25cm x 25 cm

i love this pattern and texture,
so rich!

Rubber backing

I choose the dark color because I wanted something that matched our dark wood flooring.  I didn't want to call attention to the carpet tiles, its more for a functional use.  But these tiles look great, so I guess i got form and function, right?   I should also point out that the backing is recycled rubber.  The rubber works as a natural adhesive so I don't have to worry about anything ruining the wood floor finish.

Step 1:  Draw a line down the center of the tile

Step 2:  Use an exacto knife or utility knife to cut
 through the backing and carpet fibers

Step 3:  Pull apart the pieces and trim
 all the rough edges with scissors

Step 4:  Put the tiles on your stairs

Step 5:  Admire there beauty

I'm super happy with how these turned out.  And now we worry much less about our cute puppy (ok, she's 6, i know she's not a puppy anymore) falling down the stairs.  There are tons of carpet tiles out there, but the most common one on the market is Flor.  You can usually find these at Home Depot or Lowes.  I think even some furniture stores are starting to carry them.  The tiles I used are made by there parent company Interface.  

Have you guys ever used carpet tiles?  What sort of inventive things have you done with them?

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  1. Wow, they look great! Nice color too.

    1. Thanks! They're working out really well.

  2. Where would I find the rubber back carpet tile? Love this idea! I need this for my stairs and a walking path between rugs for my pug who has limited mobility with his back legs and slips on the hardwood.

  3. It is imperative to utilize the right adhesive. For vinyl treads contact cement must be utilized. For elastic treads introduce with contact or suitable elastic ground surface glue, contingent upon administration conditions. Cove base glues are not suggested.


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