Sunday, November 20, 2011

Custom Mirror Frame

Over the weekend me and my hubs installed a mirror frame in our master bathroom.  It looks fantastic, we are so thrilled with the transformation!  You might remember my Previous Post about selecting the color.  Well, we ordered a few samples and the selection was easy - stainless steel all the way.  We liked the simplicity of the frame profile and the stainless color balanced the warm browns in the room.  So here are a few before shots of the bathroom.  Its not the largest room, so bare with me on the strange angles.  

Master Bathroom - Before

Master Bathroom - Before

Frame pieces
So we ordered the mirror frame from Mirror Mate and got a sweet 15% discount.  They're offering the discount through Dec 7th, so take advantage my friends.  The ordering process was easy.  You just need to take a few basic measurements to get started.  The site has measuring tool to make the process fool proof.  I found it very simple.  It only took about a week for it to arrive after we placed the order.   The frame arrived in four pieces.  Putting the frame together was relatively easy.  First we laid the pieces out upside down. 

Corner connection
Upside down frame
Next, we glued all the mitered corner pieces and pushed in the connecters.

Pushing in connectors
Glued & Connected
Next, we flipped over the frame and wiped off all the extra glue.  The glue is water soluble so it came off very easily.

Extra glue on frame
And here is the finished product!  I looove it!  It feels so much more permanent and finished.  Little details make all the difference.

Master Bathroom - After
Master Bathroom - After
Master Bathroom - After
Frame Detail
So what do you guys think?  Do you have any rooms in your house that need a mirror makeover?


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  1. Heather! The mirror frame came out great!!!!

  2. Thanks! We love the new look - I highly recommend it!

  3. Its fantastic how much a simple border could add such flavor to a previously boring bathroom or any room, am I right?

    -Irwin Zinkin

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