Monday, November 7, 2011

Custom Fabric Tackable Panels, Part 1

Hello friends.  I've been wanting to make some custom fabric wrapped panels for my kitchen that I can pin photos and invitations on for a long time.  Even though I love my stainless steel refrigerator, it just doesn't have enough space for all the things I want to stick to it.  So, I'm going to create a little display area where I can put all these things instead.

First step, selecting fabrics.  I brought home a bunch of fabric samples from work to see what colors work best.  I wanted to select a variety of colors, but in a neutral palette so the photos and invites can still shine.  I don't want it too look too busy when the photos are tacked onto the fabric.

These are the fabrics I picked, each in a different texture and sheen:

Fabric sample finalists

Fabrics on our kitchen counters.
They match well, don't ya think?

Next, I ordered large size swatches that I can cut up and wrap in different size panels.  I scored these from work from my favorite textile vendor - Luna, but you can easily buy fabric scraps at Joannes on Etsy.

Large size samples
The next step will be to figure out where to find the tackable substrate.  I have a few ideas, but I'm sure I'll find something on my next trip to Home Depot.  Here is a little inspiration photo for what's to come next.

I can't wait to complete this project.  Stay tuned!

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