Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mirror Mirror.....

Hi all!  I just ordered some samples from this great website Mirror Mate.  They sell a framing system to transform an ordinary stock mirror into a custom look.  We've got an oversized mirror in our master bathroom that would be perfect to try this out on.  So I ordered 3 samples to see which color & style will look best. 

Brushed aluminum look:

Deep walnut:

Standard White:
When the samples arrive, I'll post some pics of the samples in the space.  The best part about this system is that its super easy to install.  It just attaches to your existing mirror with a heavy tape....and its pretty well priced.  I priced out a 3'x6' mirror on there site and it was only $185.  Not too bad for getting a custom looking mirror. Here are some Before & Afters to check out.

So what's your favorite option?


  1. Just looking at the samples, I'm a fan of the walnut. But I think it will all depend on the finishes used in the bathroom. I look forward to seeing the samples in the actual space!

  2. I like the walnut too, but I'm trying hard not to make everything in my house dark! Samples to come...


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