Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Painting Party

Happy weekend everyone!  I've been organizing myself all week (i.e.  spending half my work day browsing pintrest) so that I could get started on some fun projects this weekend.  Starting a blog is hard work, I feel obligated to keep the content flowing and I already feel like I'm slacking.  

So project #1.  I saw this great idea on JandJHome.  

It looked like a fun little project and my powder room needs a little spunk.  So I'm adapting this idea into my own version.  I bought four 10x10 square canvases at Michaels and some silver acrylic paint.  Tonight I did step 1, painted all 4 acrylics.

I'm letting these guys dry overnight and then tomorrow onto step 2.  I love the way this silver paint dries.  It has a nice brused stainless steel look.  Love it.

Next, Project #2.  I bought 2 unfinished wood picture frames.  Tonight, I spray painted them white.  I have to admit, I'm new to the whole spray painting thing so I'm a bit concerned about how these are going to turn out.  I'm not sure how many coats to paint and there seems to be alot of dripping going on.  I'll post some photos of those later.  For now I'm just getting high on the fumes!  

Stay tuned for the final products!

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