Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Harvest

So, my weekend list of projects was twice as long as i actually had time for (as usual).  But I did manage to accomplish a few outdoor things to get the house pretty for fall.  

First the easy stuff, we bought a few pumpkins, some mums and a new pot for the front stoop.  Pretty basic stuff, but it changes the whole look of your entryway.  I love getting ready for fall.  It makes me start thinking about pumpkin pie and hot toddies.  

Next, i planted about 50 bulbs in our flower patch.  Sounds easy, but it took hours and the yard is now a huge mess.  I've never planted bulbs before so the whole thing is a big experiment.  The package said to plant the bulbs about 4 inches apart and 4-6 inches deep.  I was very diligent about this at first but by the time i had dug hole number 20, I was just throwing the bulbs in as fast as I could.  I planted a variety of flowers with varying heights, but I kept them all in a similar color paletter for a similar look.  I choose yellows, blues and whites to match the exterior colors of our house, planting the tallest ones in the back and shortest in the front.  It was a difficult task, but I think it will pay off.  So, we'll let the cold air do its work and in 6 months we'll see how this little experiment goes.


  1. i planted bulbs in college and well, since i was a college kid, did not follow the instructions to a t when planting. guess what, they turned out fine! come spring, we had tulips galore. granted, they got stepped on my drunkards in our backyard (read: nate casaday) but they still looked good. a nice surprise come spring!

  2. I hope i have the same luck! We're doing another round of bulb planting this weekend in our community. Hopefully I can pick up some tips from the professionals!


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