Thursday, October 20, 2011

Designing Built-Ins

Sooo, I have been working on designing custom shelving and storage for our living room.  We have two little niches next to our fireplace that are perfect little spots to build in something useful.  Last week, we had a contractor come by the house to help us figure out how to build these.  I gave him the following sketches to work with:

We basically want to add a closed storage cabinet on the bottom with open shelving on top that we can keep all our books displayed on.  We talked about adding lighting to the shelves but decided in the end that we didn't need it because we have two can lights right in front of the shelving areas. 

The other piece to this project is figuring out what to clad the fireplace in.  We've talked about every material under the sun - brick veneer, porcelain tile, wallcovering, paint, etc.  What do you think?? 


  1. I am partial to stone but I think brick may look better in your space.

  2. I agree, I think the brick would fit in better with the style of our house. It's also cheaper!


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