Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coffee Talk

We finally found a great new coffee table!  This was really my husbands doing, so I owe all the credit to him.  He stumbled into the local Crate & Barrel last week during his lunch break and found a table he loved.  We were looking for a table with two tiers so we could put all our junk underneath it, but still easily access it, with a sturdy top.  And low and behold, he finds it.  Apparently C&B just came out with a new table line that met our needs.  So naturally we get excited and try to buy it, but then we find out its not available until Jan 2011....Wha??  Not cool, who puts a table in there line but wont sell it to you for 6 months.  So lame, but i digress.

So we went to another store to see if we could buy there floor model, and no, they wont sell it to us.  We were bummed, written off the table.  And then what do you know, a few days later Marc goes back to the original store, sweet talks the sales guy and walked out of the store with the table.  And now its in our living room.

Its a beauty.  Its made of reclaimed wood with a granite top.  The side detailing is kind of fram-housey and has an aesthetic that matches our shelving and dining room table, while still maintaining a uniqueness.  The light wood color was also appealing, because everything else in our house is dark so it stands apart.

Every little piece we finds makes a big difference.  My husband was the most excited, he was so proud of himself for finding it!  Good job baby :)

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