Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goodbye Blogspot

Ladies and Gents.  This is my last blog post here at the blogspot.  I've moved on to bigger and better (and hopefully more professional things).  I've decided to take this little blog of mine to the next level.  I'm launching my brand new website, FINALLY.  I've spent the last 5 months or so working on what could have been a 2 week project in my old life (before becoming a mama).  But duty calls, so here I am finally ready to launch this puppy into the world.  I'll still be blogging from time to time over on my new site,  but I've realized that there are just so many hours in the week and my blogging time was always getting squashed.  Because, let's be honest here, I'd much rather be chasing around my tiny little stinker than writing half ass entries about the latest design trends.  At this point in life, I owe to myself, my family and all of you to be more present in my life and give 100% of my focus to the task at hand, which usually involves diaper changes, snack time and reading stories.  

I've had so much fun blogging here and am so grateful for your support.  But as I hang up my blogging hat for a while, I invite you to check out my new website and come along for the next ride in the Disabella Design world.

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